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Bungee Fauxfur Bungee Ring

Bungee Fauxfur Bungee Ring

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Rainbow Dog Tugs supports our fellow toymakers in the Ukraine by purchasing these beautiful toys.

Does your dog LOVE a big fluffy bite area!

Well this tug is just the one for them.

This tug not only has a Bungee handle, but the big fat Fluffy ring also has a bungee in it.

So no matter where your dog grabs onto this toy, there is great stretch and spring for you both to enjoy tugging together.

The Bungee handle is fleecy lined.

The Faux Fur is lush long hair and is 18cm diameter.

Total length of this toy is 60cm.

This is not a chewing toy, so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

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