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Bungee Foodie Fur

Bungee Foodie Fur

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The Bungee Foodie Fur is a perfect tug to get those young or new to tugging dogs interested to tug with you.

You can fill the pouch with your dogs favourite treats or squeakers.

  • You can select if you would like an off - cut of either Rabbit Hide or Sheepskin to put inside to give a scent for your dog.

The new wide width pouch , has a Velcro closure and is lined for hygiene and easily wiped clean.

You can also save the squeakers from your old toys and pop them in the pouch to give that extra surprise when your dog bites onto the pouch.

As with all Rainbow tugs we sell, there is a soft fleecy lined handle for your comfort.

Total length 50cm.

Wide width pouch is 12x 16cm.

This is not a chewing toy, so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

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