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Pocket Bungee Rabbit Ball

Pocket Bungee Rabbit Ball

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The Pocket Bungee Rabbit Ball has a strip of Rabbit Pelt, a strong bungee and a small ball.

As with all the toys Rainbow sells, there is a soft fleecy lined handle for your comfort.

Rabbit is every dog’s favourite, and a great tug to use if your puppy or dog is new to tugging.

Puppies, soft mouthed breeds and Terrier’s are good candidates for these Rabbit tugs.

A ball on the end adds extra weight if you want to use with placing the toy as a reward, plus for those ball crazy dogs they will be in heaven with the Rabbit and a ball too!

The total length is 35cm.

The Rabbit section is 15cm.

The ball has a diameter of 4.5cm.

This is not a chewing toy, so please do not leave it unattended with your dog.

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