About Us

Our Story

At Rainbow Dog Tugs we are a husband & wife team with 3 fur kids based in the Hawkesbury NSW Australia.

The brands we sell have been selected for their quality first, variety of colour and style and our Agility students needs.

We also make a range of toys that are individual in their colours.

At Rainbow Dog Tugs our range starts with many toys for puppies and goes right through to adult dogs.

We cater for soft mouthed dogs, food driven dogs, water lovers, tough tuggers, sporting dogs and even those who need a little motivation to tug.

We carry Sheepskin, Rabbit Skin, Mop, Fauxfur, Ball toys and toys that float in water for the summer time.

There is something for every dog and their needs.

We pride ourselves on our choice of products, our quick response & fast packing and shipping times.

Rainbow Dog Tugs About Us

So why Tug?

We all love to play with our dogs.

And one way we can do that is to play tug. Tugging with our new Puppy or older dog gives us an opportunity to build our relationship with them. For them to tug on a toy is more rewarding and interactive with you, than running off after a ball and having a party for one. 

All dogs are born with a natural prey drive and we can turn that chase into tugging with the toys we use.

Introducing your puppy to one of our Motivators as soon as you get them home, will have them playing tug with you in no time at all.

No matter what size or breed your dog may be, there is a tug toy at Rainbow suitable for your dog to fall in love with.


All new puppies love to chew. So please make sure you always supervise your puppy or dog when they are playing with our toys. Our toys are made to Play, Motivate and Reward your dogs. Not for Chewing.