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Rainbow Dog Tugs

Easy Leads with Agility Ribbon

Easy Leads with Agility Ribbon

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The Rainbow Easy Leads can come with Printed Ribbon or Glitter Ribbon.

Made in Australia the Rainbow Easy lead range has a lead for all needs.

Made from a soft 20mm wide Air Webbing these leads will be soft on your hands, soft on your dogs and if wet, they dry quickly. Washable in your machine also.

We use Nickel plated metals so your leads look shiny and new for a long time.

There are 6 x Agility Ribbon colours to choose from.

The No Pull - the best lead for those who want a comfortable, no pulling, no arm wrenching walk. It is a game changer for those who have struggled with their dog pulling on the lead. Pressure points on the nose give a calming effect to your dog.

Easy on and off figure 8 design with the collar and lead all in one with the pressure being from the back of the neck and not the side of the dogs head.

This is a safer way to have the dog slow from pulling than having its neck turned to one side or the other.

You will love this lead for walkies, sporting events and when walking more than one dog. Standard length of 1.2M.

The Clip - The Clip lead is your standard 1.2M length from clip to Handle. 

The Slip - As the name suggests this is a simple design of the slip on/ slip off lead. Suitable for any use, sports or walkies. Easy on and off. Standard length of 1.2M. IF your dog pulls on the lead, we would suggest the No Pull instead.

The 20mm width is suitable for all small, medium and large dogs.


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