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Sheepie Tails Chaser

Sheepie Tails Chaser

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The Agilitoy Sheepie Tails Chaser is a perfect 2 for 1 tug toy!

It’s fleecy lined handle is long enough to entice a chase with your dog, and yet short enough to be able to loop and play with as a short tug.

The excitement starts with two thick lush tails of white real sheepskin, 4 strips of Polar fleece and above that durable faux fur finished with a long wide line and fleece lining in the handle.

All dogs, especially puppies love chasing toys.

And when there is Sheepskin added, the excitement goes up a few levels.

Length of tug 85 cm.

This is not a chewing toy, so do not leave it with your dog unattended.

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